Les protestataires améliorent leurs techniques contre la reconnaissance faciale à Hong-Kong

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La reconnaissance faciale est aujourd’hui un outil standard des gouvernements pour l’identification des individus. Lors des manifestations gigantesques qui ont lieu à Hong-Kong contre le gouvernement pro-Pékin, cette reconnaissance faciale devient alors un outil fort utile pour la police locale.

Mais la résistance “technologique” à l’aide de lasers s’organise auprès des protestataires comme le montre ces articles ci-dessous.

How innovative Hong Kong protesters are using lasers, traffic cones and parkour in battle with police

In her pink top and billowy skirt there is little outward sign that Diana, 24, spends her weekends executing inventive, eye-catching protest tactics on the frontlines of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement. Millions of young people have taken to the streets all summer to fight for the city’s freedoms in the face of growing repression from China.

Hong Kong protesters use lasers to avoid facial recognition cameras

Protesters in Hong Kong are using lasers to blind security forces and avoid facial recognition cameras used by authorities. A video posted by freelance journalist Alessandra Bocchi revealed the tactic used against police cameras, while a separate video captured by the BBC shows protesters pointing lasers at the face of a police officer.

Alessandra on Twitter

Hong Kong protestors are on another level. Here they’re using lasers to avoid facial recognition cameras. A cyber war against Chinese artificial intelligence. https://t.co/t1hIczr5Go

Hong Kong protesters use lasers to confuse police and damage cameras

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Hong Kong Protestors Are Using Lasers To Avoid Facial Recognition Cameras

If you have been following the world news, you might have heard that there are protests going on in Hong Kong at the moment, where some of the residents of Hong Kong are protesting a controversial extradition bill by China.

In Hong Kong Protests, Faces Become Weapons

A quest to identify protesters and police officers has people in both groups desperate to protect their anonymity. Some fear a turn toward China-style surveillance. HONG KONG – The police officers wrestled with Colin Cheung in an unmarked car. They needed his face. They grabbed his jaw to force his head in front of his iPhone.

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