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Les 5 actus cybersécurité à ne pas manquer | 31 août 2022

Voici une sélection de 5 actualités de cybersécurité qu’il ne fallait pas manquer cette semaine. Bonne lecture et merci pour le café 😉

Top 1

LastPass Reveal Security Incident

Password management giant LastPass has revealed details of a security incident earlier this month in which proprietary information was stolen by threat actors. The company said that the intrusions took place two weeks ago. The firm said that the intrusion took place two weeks ago.

Top 2

Twitter slammed by security boss turned whistleblower Mudge

Twitter’s former security chief Peiter « Mudge » Zatko accused the company and its board of directors of violating financial rules, of fraud, and of grossly neglecting its security obligations in a complaint to the US Securities & Exchange Commission, the Federal Trade Commission, and the US Justice Department last month.

Top 3

LockBit ransomware gang blames victim for DDoS attack on its website

LockBit Ransomware Gang claims its leak site was hit by a massive DDoS attack allegedly carried out by security company Entrust.

Top 4

Unprecedented cyber attack hit State Infrastructure of Montenegro

An unprecedented cyber attack hit the Government digital infrastructure in Montenegro, the government has timely adopted measures to mitigate its impact. Montenegro immediately reported the attack to other members of the NATO alliance. « Certain services were switched off temporarily for security reasons but the security of accounts belonging to citizens and companies and their data have not been jeopardised, » said Public Administration Minister Maras Dukaj.

Top 5

Counterfeit Phones Found to Contain Backdoor to Hack WhatsApp

Budget Android device models that are counterfeit versions associated with popular smartphone brands contain multiple hidden trojans designed to target WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business messaging app. Doctor Web first came across the malware in July 2022. It was discovered in the system partition of at least four different smartphones: radmi note 8, P48pro, Note30u, and Mate40.

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