Microsoft Defender Proposé dorénavant à tous

Microsoft propose dorénavant son Defender une version destinée aux familles et aux particuliers.

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Pour information, Microsoft Defender pour les particuliers, disponible pour les abonnés à Microsoft 365 Personal and Family, est une application multiplateforme, englobant macOS, iOS et les appareils Android

Microsoft’s Defender online security tool is now available to consumers | Engadget

The online app boosts existing protection for your computers and phones. Sponsored Links In this article: iOS, news, gear, Windows, internet, phishing, services, security, Mac, malware, Android, Microsoft, Microsoft Defender, Microsoft 365 It took awhile, but Microsoft Defender is now generally available for all your personal devices, not just Windows PCs and businesses.

Microsoft Defender launches on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android

Microsoft is launching a new Defender cybersecurity app across Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android today. While the software giant has used the Defender moniker for its antivirus protection for years, this new cross-platform Microsoft Defender app is designed for individuals as more of a simplified dashboard that taps into existing antivirus software or offers additional device protections.

Microsoft Defender goes cross-platform for consumers

Microsoft is extending the Defender brand with a version aimed at families and individuals. « Defender » has been the company’s name of choice for its anti-malware platform for years. Microsoft Defender for individuals, available for Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscribers, is a cross-platform application, encompassing macOS, iOS, and Android devices and extending « the protection already built into Windows Security beyond your PC. »

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