Après plus de 25 ans d’existence, le dernier Internet Explorer 11 a été retiré le 15 juin et est officiellement hors support.

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Edge prend le relais pour éviter de se retrouver piéger, par exemple, avec un 0-day qui ne sera pas patché sur IE 😉

Internet Explorer 11 has retired and is officially out of support-what you need to know

After 25+ years of helping people use and experience the web, Internet Explorer (IE) is officially retired and out of support as of today, June 15, 2022. To many millions of you, thank you for using Internet Explorer as your gateway to the internet.

Internet Explorer Now Retired but Still an Attacker Target

Microsoft’s official end-of-support for the Internet Explorer 11 desktop application on June 15 relegated to history a browser that’s been around for almost 27 years. Even so, IE still likely will provide a juicy target for attackers. That’s because some organizations are still using Internet Explorer (IE) despite Microsoft’s long-known plans to deprecate the technology.

Internet Explorer Is Shutting Down in a Burst of Nostalgia

Microsoft will be disabling IE and directing Windows users to its modern Edge web browser in coming months. The news inspired jokes, memes and even some fond memories. It was Aug. 16, 1995. « Waterfalls » by TLC was the No. 1 song in the country. Bill Clinton was in the White House.

Goodbye, Internet Explorer: Microsoft to retire 27-yr-old browser on June 15

Microsoft is retiring Internet Explorer. The company will completely phase out the 27-year-old browser from June 15. The future of the search engine will be Microsoft Edge, which is faster, more secure, and more modern. Watch!

Internet Explorer, star of Windows, dies at 26

Internet Explorer is dead. Microsoft is retiring IE today after nearly 27 years. The aging web browser is being sunset in favor of Microsoft Edge, with support being officially withdrawn for IE 11 today. It’s the end of an internet era, after Microsoft initially moved away from the Internet Explorer branding with the release of Windows 10 in 2015.

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