Comment un cyber-incident mal géré a mené une clinique finlandaise à la faillite

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Voici toutes les conséquences d’un cyber-incident mal géré. Tout commence en octobre dernier par une annonce d’un vol de données dans une clinique finlandaise de psychothérapie.

La mauvaise gestion a commencé dès le début avec la tentative de dissimulation du vol de données qui a finalement mené à l’éjection du CEO pour aboutir finalement à l’annonce de la faillite de ce centre cette semaine.

Hackers breach psychotherapy center, use stolen health data to blackmail patients – Help Net Security

News of an unusual data breach at a psychotherapy center in Finland broke over the weekend, after affected patients began receiving emails telling them to pay up or risk their personal and health data being publicly released. Therapist session notes of some 300 patients have already been published on a Tor-accessible site on the dark web.

Puis vient ensuite l’heure du déni qui se retourne finalement contre son auteur, le CEO

Finnish psychotherapy center fires CEO for suppressing breach details | SC Media

Finnish psychotherapy center Vastaamo, which was blackmailed after experiencing a ransomware data breach, fired its CEO Ville Tapio for holding back information on the hack for close to 18 months. Based on investigations into the incident, it seems probable that the data breach that led to the theft of the customer database took place in November 2018, according to the English translation of a press release issued by Vastaamo.

Sans oublier l’étape d’exploitation des données par les pirates qui a fait grand bruit

Data breach at Finnish psychotherapy center takes a darker turn with extortion attempts – CyberScoop

The response to a data breach at a prominent Finnish psychotherapy practice intensified over the weekend after cybercriminals reportedly posted batches of patient information on the dark web and claimed that individual people could protect their data by directly paying a ransom.

Hackers blackmail vulnerable patients after psychotherapy clinic hack

In Finland, a private psychotherapy clinic became the victim of a data breach about two years ago, but now a threat actor is blackmailing the clinic for ransom. The Finnish Psychotherapy Center Vastaamo is a nationwide practice and has over a dozen branches and roughly 40,000 patients, while it also offers contract-based services to several institutions in Finland.

et, pour en finir donc avec la dernière nouvelle de cette semaine, la faillite du centre médical

Hacked Finnish psychotherapy clinic files for bankruptcy

Finnish-based psychotherapy practice, Vastaamo , earlier came into the world’s attention back in October 2020 after it who threatened to leak the patients’ data unless they agreed to pay a bitcoin ransom of €200.

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