N’oubliez pas, octobre est le mois de la cybersécurité! #ThinkBeforeUClick

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Ce mois d’octobre marque le mois de la cybersécurité, en Europe et dans le monde, qui vise à promouvoir la sécurité en ligne.

En Europe, cette campagne annuelle de sensibilisation à la cybersécurité est coordonnée par l’Agence européenne pour la cybersécurité (ENISA) et la Commission européenne, et est soutenue par les États membres et plus de 300 partenaires issus de tous les secteurs.


Cyber Security Awareness Month is here! | WeLiveSecurity

A month teaching us that when everyone pitches in and does their part, then almost everyone is protected October is a month associated with many things, including stunning fall foliage displays and various global and national celebrations.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Train employees to be first line of defense

This October looks quite different from previous years, as IT oversees staff who are no longer centrally located, creating a larger attack surface for bad actors. Awareness is key, experts say. Maintaining good cyber hygiene is always essential for an IT department, and it’s equally important that IT remind company employees of the looming threat of cyber breaches.

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