Nous avons besoin d’une norme mondiale pour annoncer les cyberattaques

Un article intéressant du Harvard Business Review qui présente les avantages d’annoncer et d’échanger les informations à propos des cyber-attaques

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Information is power and, in cybersecurity, it’s the power to prevent other similar events. If a breach occurs in one organization, we can be reasonably confident that the same malicious tactic will be used on another organization in the near future. If the data about that first known breach is made available, other organizations can prepare themselves and ensure that the same vulnerability is not used against them. Shared knowledge also allows regulators and law enforcement to objectively manage incentives to guide corporate cybersecurity governance, data gathering, and information sharing.

Article HBR, 6 novembre 2019

We Need a Global Standard for Reporting Cyber Attacks

Cyber threats are a seemingly impossible challenge. By their very nature – fast-changing, borderless, asymmetric – they’re ridiculously difficult to predict and manage. No wonder the World Economic Forum has once again placed cybersecurity near the top of its latest list of global risks.

A mettre en regard avec l’initiative envisagée d’obligation d’annonce d’incident cyber en Suisse

Internet – Cyberincidents: Berne peaufine sa stratégie

Le Conseil fédéral veut rendre obligatoire la déclaration des incidents touchant les infrastructures critiques. La déclaration des cyberincidents affectant la sécurité des infrastructures critiques pourrait devenir obligatoire. Le Conseil fédéral a adopté vendredi un rapport sur le sujet et confié des mandats pour approfondir la question d’ici à la fin de 2020.

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