Plus de 100 millions $ sauvés grâce à #nomoreransom #Europol

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Depuis sa création en 2016, le projet #NoMoreRansom d’Europol aurait permis de sauver plus de 100 millions de dollars.

Aujourd’hui, le projet propose plus de 80 outils de déchiffrement

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No More Ransom: 108 million reasons to celebrate its third anniversary

Today marks the third anniversary of the No More Ransom, initiative that has helped more than 200 000 victims of ransomware recover their files free of charge since it was first launched in July 2016. With visitors from 188 countries, the project has become a one-stop shop for the victims of ransomware, registering already over 3 million individual visits in its short life span.

No More Ransom Success Story: Saves $108+ Million in Ransomware Payments

Today marks the third anniversary of No More Ransom and through its partners from the public and private sectors, law enforcement, academia, and researchers, the project has been able to help hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of victims get their encrypted files back for free.

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