Un jeu de détective de découvrir la véritable identité du pirate de LinkedIn, Dropbox et MySpace

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Voici un article intéressant qui montre le travail de détective utilisé pour découvrir la véritable identité du pirate qui a vendu  les bases de données volées de LinkedIn, Dropbox et MySpace.

Un travail collecte et de recoupement d’information résumé dans l’infographie ci-dessous:

Et l’article complet ici:

True Identity of Notorious Hacker tessa88 Revealed

Scope Note: To create the following actor profile, Insikt Group used OSINT, Recorded Future data, and dark web analysis to identify the contact information, alternative aliases, and TTPs used by the actor tessa88. This profile will be of most interest to email service providers, social media, and technological companies located primarily in the United States and Russia.

et encore d’autres articles:

Real Identity of Hacker Who Sold LinkedIn, Dropbox Databases Revealed

Real Identity of Notorious Russian Hacker-Tessa88-Who Sold LinkedIn, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte Databases On Dark Web Forums Revealed As Maksim Vladimirovich Donakov (Максим Владимирович Донаков).

This Is The Hacker Allegedly Behind The LinkedIn and MySpace Megabreaches

In the last few weeks, more than half a billion passwords stolen from some of the biggest social media websites in the world have been traded and sold in the internet’s underground.

Researchers believed to have uncovered tessa88’s identity | SC Media

Recorded Future researchers believed they have uncovered the identity of the Notorious hackers tessa88 who has been credited with compromising several high profile databases belonging to companies such as VKontakte, Mobango, Myspace, Badoo, QIP, Dropbox, Rambler, LinkedIn and Twitter, among others.


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