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Les fournisseurs de VPN délaissent l’Inde et sa nouvelle loi

À l’approche de la date limite de mise en conformité avec les nouvelles règles du gouvernement indien en matière de collecte de données, les sociétés VPN du monde entier ont retiré leurs serveurs du pays afin de protéger la vie privée de leurs utilisateurs.

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VPN Providers Flee India as a New Data Law Takes Hold

Ahead of the deadline to comply with the Indian government’s new data-collection rules, VPN companies from across the globe have pulled their servers out of the country in a bid to protect their users’ privacy.

WSJ News Exclusive | Proton CEO Is Shutting Down India VPN Servers to Protest Cybersecurity Rules

The Swiss company behind well-known virtual-private-network service Proton VPN is pulling its servers from India, the latest provider to do so in response to new government rules that companies and rights groups say threaten users’ privacy.

VPN Shutdowns In India: How New Laws Can Affect Your Privacy

A new law in India that hampers the effectiveness of virtual private networks (VPNs) is set to take effect later this month. From September 25 onward, VPN providers will be required to collect customer information and be able to provide that data to a special government team on demand.

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