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Le chiffrement intermittent, la nouvelle arme des cybercriminels

Les cybercriminels utilisent maintenant de nouvelles tactiques pour réduire les chances d’être détecté

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Ainsi, plutôt que de chiffrer, ils privilégient la corruption, moins détectable et plus rapide

Ransomware gangs switching to new intermittent encryption tactic

A growing number of ransomware groups are adopting a new tactic that helps them encrypt their victims’ systems faster while reducing the chances of being detected and stopped. This tactic is called intermittent encryption, and it consists of encrypting only parts of the targeted files’ content, which would still render the data unrecoverable without using a valid decryptor+key.

Ransomware operators might be dropping file encryption in favor of corrupting files

Ransomware started out many years as scams where users were being tricked into paying fictitious fines for allegedly engaging in illegal online behavior or, in more serious cases, were blackmailed with compromising videos taken through their webcams by malware.

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