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Les 5 actus qu’il ne fallait pas manquer cette semaine (20 Juil 2022)

Voici une sélection de 5 actualités de cybersécurité qu’il ne fallait pas manquer cette semaine. Bonne lecture et merci pour le café 😉

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Top 1

A New Attack Can Unmask Anonymous Users on Any Major Browser

How this de-anonymization attack works is difficult to explain but relatively easy to grasp once you have the gist.

Top 2

10 000 entreprises victimes de phishing contournant le MFA d’Office 365 – Le Monde Informatique

Les pages web de phishing utilisées dans une dernière campagne d’attaques malveillantes sont utilisées en tant que proxy pour extraire du contenu de la page de connexion légitime d’Office 365. Avec à la clé de gros dégâts pour les cibles atteintes.

Top 3

Hackers Say They Can Unlock and Start Honda Cars Remotely

They key fobs of several Honda models have a flaw that could allow hackers to unlock and start the cars.

Top 4

Journalists Emerge as Favored Attack Target for APTs

Targeted phishing attacks are traced to multiple threat actors who have each independently focused on stealing credentials and sensitive data and tracking the geolocation of journalists. In a Thursday report by Proofpoint, researchers outline individual efforts by advance persistent threat (APT) groups who they say are aligned with China, North Korea, Iran and Turkey.

Top 5

Emerging H0lyGh0st Ransomware Tied to North Korea

Microsoft has linked a threat that emerged in June 2021 and targets small-to-mid-sized businesses to state-sponsored actors tracked as DEV-0530. Microsoft researchers have linked an emerging ransomware threat that already has compromised a number of small-to-mid-sized businesses to financially motivated North Korean state-sponsored actors that have been active since last year.

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