Airbus attaqué et l’ONG Cyberpeace pour défendre la cyberpaix #veille (29 sept 2019)

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Voici le rapport de veille de la semaine faisant le tour des actualités les plus intéressantes. Vous retrouverez un développement de certaines d’entre elles dans les prochains articles. Bonne lecture et belle semaine à vous !

Vol / perte de données

CafePress finally warns customers that it was hacked

Online merchandise retailer CafePress, used by millions of people to host an online store where they can sell custom-designed t-shirts, mugs, stickers, and more, has finally informed its customers that its systems were hacked and their personal details stolen.

Vodafone’s Mobile App Briefly Exposed Customer Information

For a brief period on Wednesday morning, Vodafone customers in New Zealand using the mobile carrier’s app could see details for other customers. The app is designed for managing the Vodafone account and offers quick access to bills, or active services. It also provides information about call rates in other countries, reward points, promotions, and data plans.

Cyber-attaques / fraudes

Comment des hackers attaquent Airbus en passant par ses sous-traitants –

Airbus a été ces derniers mois la cible de plusieurs attaques informatiques lancées en passant par des sous-traitants du constructeur, a appris l’AFP en enquêtant auprès de plusieurs sources sécuritaires, qui soupçonnent ces opérations d’espionnage industriel d’être pilotées depuis la Chine.

Iranian Government Hackers Target US Veterans

‘Tortoiseshell’ discovered hosting a phony military-hiring website that drops a Trojan backdoor on visitors.

Cyber-Attacks Hit Defense Contractors in Europe and North America

Defense contractors Rheinmetall AG and Defence Construction Canada (DCC) were hit this month by cyber-attacks that impacted and disrupted their information technology systems. German Rheinmetall AG is one of the world’s top suppliers of military equipment and systems, with two operational components, namely Rheinmetall Defence and Rheinmetall Automotive.

Le Cyberpeace Institute : une ONG pour défendre la ” cyberpaix “

Comment empêcher une attaque informatique de paralyser un hôpital ? De couper le courant dans une grande métropole ? De mettre à terre un réseau téléphonique ? Même si rares ont été les offensives numériques à avoir de tels effets, certains Etats s’inquiètent depuis plusieurs années d’un cyberespace hors de contrôle et tentent de le pacifier.

Emotet malspam campaign uses Snowden’s new book as lure

Exactly one week ago, Emotet, one of the most dangerous threats to organizations in the last year, resumed its malicious spam campaigns after several months of inactivity. Based on our telemetry, we can see that the botnet started becoming chatty with its command and control servers (C2), about a week or so before the spam came through.

Millions of YouTube accounts hijacked through phishing and compromised 2FA | SC Media

Cybersecurity executives blamed YouTube’s continued use of multifactor authentication and relying on user credentials instead of more advanced forms authentication as the reasons behind why millions of accounts were hijacked over the last few days.

Une cyberattaque paralyse les usines américaines de Rheinmetall Automotive

Les infrastructures IT des usines du groupe industriel Rheinmetall Automotive situées au Brésil, au Mexique et aux États-Unis sont victimes d’attaques de malwares depuis le mardi 24 septembre. Les processus de productions sont actuellement “fortement perturbés” selon l’entreprise, qui explique que ses autres systèmes IT n’ont pas été affectés.

Failles / vulnérabilités

Hacker publishes ‘unpatchable’ permanent jailbreak for iPhone 4s to iPhone X

While a jailbreak is technically illegal, Apple users have been doing them since the launch of the very first iPhone. The motive being the increased control over the device, something that’s easily found in its archrival – Android.

15,000 webcams vulnerable to attack: how to protect against webcam hacking

Webcams may have been around for a long time, but that doesn’t mean we know what we’re doing with them. Webcam hacking has been around for equally as long, yet new research from Wizcase indicates that more than 15,000 private, web-connected cameras are exposed and readily accessible to the general public.

Réglementaire / juridique

Russian Man Pleads Guilty in ‘Massive’ Hacking Scheme

Andrei Tyurin is the first person to be convicted in the case, in which prosecutors said cyberattacks targeted a dozen American companies, including JPMorgan Chase. A Russian man pleaded guilty on Monday to taking part in a global, multiyear hacking operation that involved cyberattacks on a dozen American companies and an elaborate scheme to use stolen information to manipulate stocks and run illegal online-gambling businesses.

Krebs on Security

German authorities said Friday they’d arrested seven people and were investigating six more in connection with the raid of a Dark Web hosting operation that allegedly supported multiple child porn, cybercrime and drug markets with hundreds of servers buried inside a heavily fortified military bunker.

World of Warcraft’s suspected DDoS attacker has been arrested

Blizzard, the developers of World of Warcraft Classic, has revealed that a person suspected of orchestrating a disruptive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack against the games’ servers has been arrested. In a Blizzard forum post, community manager Kaivax… #worldofwarcraft #wow #wowddos


L’EPFL lance un accélérateur consacré à la confiance numérique

L’EPFL lance l’accélérateur Tech4Trust, destiné aux start-up développant des solutions innovantes face aux défis posés par la désinformation, les cybermenaces et l’usage abusif des données personnelles. Les inscriptions viennent d’ouvrir et sont possibles jusqu’au 7 septembre.

ICTswitzerland publie un livre blanc sur la sécurité numérique –

Home / Actualité /ICTswitzerland publie un livre blanc sur la sécurité numérique “Il faut créer un laboratoire national de cybertests” Aujourd’hui, en Suisse, les produits numériques de divers fournisseurs nationaux et internationaux sont utilisés dans tous les secteurs, de l’industrie à la police en passant par l’armée.

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