ça va la sonnette ?

La notion de données privées n’est pas toujours interprétée de la même manière comme le montre cette actualité concernant Ring, une filiale d’Amazon offrant des sonnettes connectées. Bref, il va falloir réguler et réprimander pour que cela change …

un petit clic pour ma veille

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Espionnage des vidéos des sonnettes de porte d’entrée Ring

Ambiance espionnage pour la société Ring, filiale d’Amazon. Cette société, créée en Ukraine et racheté en 2018 par le géant de la vente en ligne américain (environ 1 milliard de dollars), commercialise des objets connectés, dont une sonnette pour porte d’entrée.

At Ring’s R&D Team, Security Gaps and Rookie Engineers

Jamie Siminoff had flown to frigid Kiev, Ukraine, to give a pep talk to the roughly 30 people who worked there for his fast-growing video doorbell startup, Ring. It was December 2016, and the Santa Monica, Calif., company had recently opened a satellite office in Ukraine to develop products that …

Report Claims Ring Employees Had Unfettered Access To Security Camera Footage

Ring, a major player in the smart home security world – the company was acquired by Amazon for $1 billion last year – has come under fire from a damning report which claims that video feeds and files were made accessible to employees who had no right, nor any need, for access.

Ring Security Cam Snooping, Location Tracking, and More Security News This Week

Another week, another crypto heist. This time, Ethereum Classic was the target, when hackers stole around $1.1 million worth of coins by taking over 51-percent of the currency’s network. Another familiar blunder came this week when it was revealed that technologically challenged convicted criminal Paul Manafort had yet another problem using basic tech.

Amazon’s Ring Security Cameras May Have Let Employees Spy on Customers: Report

It shouldn’t be the case that inviting smart technology into our homes to safeguard against potential threats might instead lead to serious breaches of individual privacy, and yet reports of such violations of user trust are increasingly common. Now, Amazon’s Ring security cameras have come under fire for just that.

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