Les banques asiatiques s’engagent sur le cloud

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Une récente étude d’IDC indique que près de 80% des banques d’Asie Pacifique devraient s’engager sur le cloud en 2018. A ce stade, ce sont logiquement des solutions de cloud privés qui sont visés.

The latest results of the 2016 Cloud View Survey for cloud maturity in Asia/Pacific banking from the recently published IDC MaturityScape Benchmark: Cloud in Banking in Asia/Pacific reveals majority of banks in the region are in the first stages of cloud maturity, specifically the ad hoc and opportunistic stages. Typical in this early-stage adoption, there remains a higher preference for enterprise private cloud architecture than public cloud. Super-regional institutions, e.g. institutions that have built an Asia/Pacific-wide footprint of operations in at least three countries in the region, will set the pace and best practices in the location, control, ownership, and management of data in the cloud. IDC expects that the next two years will be a tipping point for cloud uptake among Asia/Pacific banks.

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