Accenture : Comment la blockchain peut amener plus de valeur aux paiements

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Le cabinet de conseil Accenture se penche sur la technologie de la blockchain en particulier recherchant comment elle peut apporter davantage aux processus de paiement.

Dans sa synthèse ci-dessous, Accenture y liste les éléments clés de réussite de cette technologie comme la cryptographie et la notion sous-jacente de smart contracts. En introduction, elle rappelle les concepts de base de la blockchain pour ce type de processus de la manière suivante:

Transactions involve finite or countable resources: Procure-to-Pay processes move finite and countable assets, making them ideal for being managed using blockchain logic.Complex steps need to be tracked: Like in the case of Procure-to-Pay, which often involves multiple steps; asset movements executed by the different participants; the use of a single digital ledger rather than a series of proprietary systems; and organizations exchanging information.Cryptographic audit trail is critical: By their nature, blockchains create trust and help reach consensus on the execution of the different steps of the process, identifying failures and situations of fraud. This is critical for a business where “trust to pay” and “trust in delivery” are key.Fragmented offerings with no accepted standard authority: Current market solutions are based upon fragmented offerings, with no widely accepted standard authority. Service providers exist but have been unable to convince participants to leave their current legacy processes and systems to join them for reasons of independence, trust and transformation costs.

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