#Crowdfunding #WeCanFund : Bientôt les 50 premiers millions?

Le crowdfunding est devenu aujourd’hui une véritable alternative aux traditionnels crédits des institutions bancaires. Ses nombreux succès sont d’ailleurs là pour démontrer la pérennité de ce nouveau modèle économique né grâce aux communautés du web.

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En Suisse, ce type de financement se développe bien sûr à l’image de la start-up Wecan.fund qui décolle au sein de l’incubateur suisse Fusion Fintech.

Page d'accueil WeCan.Fund

Plusieurs projets sont d’ailleurs en cours de financemenent avec Wecan.fund et la cible des 50 millions est d’ores et déjà articulée dans un de ses articles reproduit ci-dessous.

Si vous êtes intéressé, notez son prochain rendez-vous:

[x_callout type= »left » title= »Invitation » message= »If you are in Geneva on 28th June 2016 and would like to know more and meet the team, WeCan.Fund have organised an event to launch two lending campaigns. More details here » button_text= »Invitation » button_icon= »500px » href= »https://www.eventbrite.fr/e/billets-presentation-de-2-nouvelles-operations-sur-wecanfund-25948599961?invite=&err=29&referrer=&discount=&affiliate=&eventpassword= » target= »blank »]

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You may have heard of Kickstarter or IndieGoGo, the largest crowdfunding platforms that together have raised a combined of over 3Billion USD. These platforms have established the collaborative web movement and the idea that « many of a little can lead to a lot ».

[x_alert heading= »crowdfunding » type= »muted »]noun. the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.[/x_alert]

Meet Vincent Pigon, a young entrepreneur with a PhD in Economics under his belt, two start ups created, financed and sold and a resident of Fusion, the Swiss finance incubator. Benefiting from a valuable mix of academia and start up success Vincent created WeCan.Fund a peer-to-peer SME lending platform in 2015. As a peer to peer lender, WeCan.Fund matches investors to small and mid-sized companies needing loans.

CrowdLending for returns

Peer to peer lending has gained prominence in recent years, with a number of players including Ondeck in the US and Funding Circle in the UK, taking advantage of digital technology to better match investors with borrowers. Peer-to-peer lending has also been boosted by a reluctance among bigger banks to take on risk after the financial crash of 2008 and ultimately by investor’s appetite for return-yielding opportunities. Projects on WeCan.Fund can yield on average 7% compared to near zero rates at high street banks at the moment.

What businesses apply to WeCan.Fund

Small business owners have traditionally been very reliant on banks for meeting their financing needs. Thanks to platforms like WeCan.Fund SMEs can diversify their sources of finance and chose a faster and easier financing option. WeCan.Fund requires businesses to have at least 1 year’s existence and Fully Audited Accounts and accepts all sectors and industries. Most projects in the portfolio have a turnover of over 100,000 CHF and are solvent. In addition, WeCan.Fund applies a proprietary algorithm to apply a solvability rating and a resulting loan offer.

Combining attractive returns and alternative rewards

At the heart of the crowdfunding movement lays the notion that passionate individuals would be happy to receive non-financial rewards for their investments. This has proven to be true with companies like Kickstarter and IndieGogo. WeCan.Fund combines both and offers a financial reward (interest rates average 6% over 4 years) and a reward in kind. Take L’Oranger, a classic Genevois Salon de Thé that carries ambiance, quality and history and is looking to rise again from its ashes and rival its cousins Café Angelina in Paris and Fortnum & Masons in London. In addition to a financial return, investors get two glasses of champagne per day for 4 years.

Or in a different category altogether, Le Gloss Lumière de la Maison Ferrié offers investors the opportunity to partake in product pre-releases in addition to a financial return on investment.

Reaching the Milestone

In just over 1 year WeCan.Fund has built a strong team, gathered a diversified portfolio of projects and matched over 10 Million CHF with investors. General interest from private individuals has been driving growth but more recently Interest has been high from both wealth managers and institutional players looking for diversification opportunities. Their ambition for the next 12 months reaching the 50 million CHF milestone. We wish our them luck and success.


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