Tank guerre

L’ère des cyber-guerres est arrivée

La dernière cyber-attaque ciblant les infrastructures d’énergie en Ukraine marque une nouvelle escalade dans le conflit qui l'oppose à  la Russie mais elle rappelle surtout que la cyberguerre n’a rien de virtuel.

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On the evening of December 23rd, power was lost across multiple cities in Ivano-Frankivs'ka oblast in Western Ukraine, leaving nearly half the region in the dark for almost six hours. While it has not yet been proven that a cyber attack was responsible for the outage, key related malware was found on the computer systems of the affected power company. More troubling, the malware in question not only had the capability to create a remote backdoor that would have allowed power to be cut off, but also included tools designed to permanently delete files and disable the hard drives of the industrial control computer systems.

Une occasion de rappeler l’importance de sécuriser correctement  ses infrastructures critiques … que l’on parle d’Etats, d’entreprises ou même  de particuliers. Chaque acteur a un rôle important à  tenir.



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