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5 erreurs à  éviter pour démarrer votre fintech

Si vous êtes prêt à  démarrer votre compagnie fintech, alors ces quelques conseils vous seront peut-être utiles:

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Even though I worked at a bank for years before founding Coinsetter in late 2012, it’s incredible how little I ultimately knew about how banks and financial institutions work behind the scenes. Starting a bitcoin exchange has been a crash course on how banks operate that touches upon every aspect of that business – especially regulation. When I was in investment banking, my peers and I joked that we had no marketable skills outside of the bank. Times have changed, and there has never been a better time for someone in the financial services industry to become an entrepreneur. It could be you!

Les 5 conseils se résument de la manière suivante:

  • Tip 1: Don’t Hold Other People’s Money
  • Tip 2: Make Banks Better, Don’t Try To Make Them Obsolete
  • Tip 3: Focus Your Product On Something Boring, Like Compliance
  • Tip 4: Get Compliance Advice By Making New Friends Instead Of Lawyers
  • Tip 5: Understand Why Banks Are Constructed Of Marble

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