La nécessité d’accélérer la digitalisation des banques

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Le  modèle d’affaire et la  maturité digitale d’Apple et d’Amazon sont des exemples pour de nombreuses entreprises et pourraient même inspirer les banques si l’on en croit une récente analyse du Mc Kinsey, une société de conseil.

La digitalisation pour améliorer la productivité

Apple, Amazon et bien d’autres sociétés du web ont réussi à  développer des architectures informatiques qui leur permettent aujourd’hui de processus hyper-efficaces et capables d’une évolutitivité remarquable. L’informatique et en particulier la digitalisation de l’information devient une réelle force et un avantage concurrentiel.

Dans l’article,  Mc Kinsey présente également le cas d’une banque qui a développé de nouveaux processus et des nouveaux outils combinant le Lean management et le mode agile pour la partie logicielle. Il y mentionne ainsi :

The bank started with its account-opening and mortgage applications. For each process, the development team used the first two weeks to define a digital vision for each product and a road map to get there. Then came rapid development of a digital prototype while redesigning the underlying business process, combining lean methodologies and agile software approaches. Within six weeks, a version of the user interface was ready. The team tested the process with customers, iterating and improving it, and gradually picking up the volume of mortgages and new accounts processed by the new digital process. After four months, the digital process was in production. The team scaled it through a website launch, followed by a rollout to the branch network.

Then the bank moved to digitize processes such as personal lending and deposits. A new process allows customers to create an account in less than 10 minutes, replacing one that required 30 to 60 minutes of talking to branch staff and then up to a few days before the account was opened. The new digital mortgage-application process uses an online calculator that is connected to the bank's credit-scoring models and gives customers a preliminary offer in less than a minute. Once an offer is received, customers can log in to an online portal that allows them to submit their application and documents. This approach has cut costs significantly while improving customer satisfaction.

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