Les 50 banques les plus sà»res du monde

Le magazine mensuel américain Global Finance a publié le 26 aoà»t dernier son classement annuel des banques les plus sà»res du monde. Basé sur les notations à  long terme de  Moody's, Standard & Poor's et Fitch, le magazine a analysé les 500 plus grosses capitalisations pour en extraire un top 50.

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Pour rappel, Global Finance bénéficie d’une large distribution mondiale dans plus de 160 pays et rapporte plus de 50’000 lecteurs.

New York, August 26, 2013 – Bank ratings are not yet showing the impact of either the slowdown in emerging economies or the more sustained recovery in developed countries. It is within this context that Global Finance announces it's 22nd Annual Ranking of the World's 50 Safest Banks.

Classement Global Finance Top 10Some banking market instability seems to be moving from the West to certain countries in the East, and companies are keeping a close eye on the solidity and reliability of their counterparties worldwide.

Canadian banks are once again the best performing in North America, with six banks in the top 50. But now US institutions are catching up, also boasting six banks in the top 50. Banks from Singapore are the strongest in Asia, as are those from Chile in Latin America. Once again the safest banks in Europe have explicit guarantees from AAA-rated governments. Development banks represent a large contingent of the Top 50.

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