Le top des 400 Banques anglophones sur Twitter

Les banques poursuivent leur prise de position sur les réseaux sociaux et notamment sur Twitter. Même si Facebook est peut-être plus simple à  approcher, Twitter se révèle un outil de diffusion très efficace grà¢ce à  ses messages courts.

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Pour analyser cette tendance, voici un article intéressant qui synthétise la situation actuelle pour les banques anglophones :

Aggregating the data reveals that fewer than one million people are following retail banks on Twitter, and banks only follow one quarter of those people back. Subtract the quarter million people following AmEx and and banks are only reaching a collective audience of 467,410 people. That barely equates to 0.15% of the entire US population. BofA alone has a customer base 110x that size. Subtract 16,500 followers from the 65 banks (16.3%) that haven't tweeted in over one year. And many of a bank's followers are industry peers — consultants, vendors, the trade media and other banks. Keep in mind, financial institutions have been on Twitter since at least 2008; we're well into the banking industry's third year on the social platform now.

via  The Top 400 Banks on Twitter | The Financial Brand: Marketing Insights for Banks & Credit Unions.

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