Fraude UBS : Une activité inexpliquée avait pourtant été détectée

Comme le relève l’article précédent  Fraude : Comprendre la gestion des risques dans les banques, la gestion des risques est complexe et le cas de la fraude à  l’UBS est là  pour le rappeler. Ainsi, il ne suffit pas de détecter un événement anormal, encore faut-il le traiter correctement … jusqu’au bout.

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Dans une communication interne UBS reprise sur le site du Wall Street Journal, il est fait mentionné que :

We know that a trader in UBS's Global Synthetic Equity business in London conducted unauthorized trading activity. This trader has been charged with fraud by abuse of position by the UK authorities. We also know that this happened in a period of extreme market volatility which exacerbated the losses. However, these are just facts, they are no excuse for a loss of such magnitude.

We have to be straight with ourselves. In no circumstances should something like this ever occur. The fact that it did is evidence of a failure to exercise appropriate controls. Our internal investigation indicates that risk and operational systems did detect unauthorized or unexplained activity but this was not sufficiently investigated nor was appropriate action taken to ensure existing controls were enforced.

via  UBS on Rogue Trading: ‘We Have to Be Straight with Ourselves' – Deal Journal – WSJ.

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