Médias sociaux : Quelles plus-values pour la banque ?

Aujourd'hui,  les banques ne peuvent plus ignorer les médias sociaux. Voici un papier qui propose un panorama des principaux médias sociaux, des exemples d’utilisation et de ce qu’il ne faut pas faire.

How is Social Media Relevant to Banking?

In a time when financial chaos and consumer distrust are at an all-time high, businesses have to go above and beyond to secure their reputations and establish brand loyalty effectively. There is no industry for which this statement is more applicable than that of banks and financial institutions.

Gone are the days when everyone had a friendly banker that knew the names of their children. Banks are no longer trusted as the sole safe-haven for savings, investments, and financial planning. Despite these setbacks, all hope is not lost. Many banks and big brands are reaching out to their audience via social media. Through social media's unique strengths, such as its viral nature and word-ofmouth trust component, banks and financial institutions are leveraging themselves back into society's good graces.

Social media has proven to be an effective tool for building relationships with individuals and communities, both locally and globally, by providing an open communication platform. Not only does this open communication increase customer satisfaction and establish banks as community players, but it also allows banks to gain specific insight into their customers' needs. Through listening and interacting with their audience, they discover wants and needs that lead to the creation of services that satisfy the customer. By customizing services offered, banks can set themselves apart from competitors based on the very important ingredient of customer satisfaction.

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