Les attaques font monter les enchères réglementaire

Ce premier semestre 2011 aura été le témoin d’un regain explosif du nombres d’attaques informatiques dans le monde. Ces faits modifient de manière profonde le paysage des risques pour les entreprises et les Etats comme le présente ce papier publié par  l’organisme anglais Chartered Insurance Institute :

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  • Recent high profile data breach incidents have alerted international governments and the  media to the issues and costs associated with cyber crime.
  • Companies and governments expect that they will become the victim of attacks and are  increasingly aware that the old approach of „hushing up‟ data leaks has run its course.
  • The regulatory environment is changing – but regulations in the EU and US are not in  harmony.
  • As in most parts of the US, compulsory client notification regulations are likely to be  imposed across all EU member states.
  • Contingency plans should look at all eventualities including a breach involving a single  country, and the possibility of a multiple country breach where multiple local legal or  regulatory requirements need to be considered.
  • The insurance market is responding to emerging cyber risks, but policies need to recognise  that different and expanding liabilities are likely to apply in the EU and US

via  Hack Attacks: Data Breaches and Their Impact in a Changing Legal and Regulatory Environment

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