Dernières actualités – Technologie & Sécurité 06/03/2011

  • Atsushi Saito, President and CEO of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), and Duncan Niederauer, CEO of Nyse Euronext (NYX), today met in New York to sign a letter of intent to identify options to give customers of each exchange accessibility to the other’s markets through a network linkage.

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  • Une filiale dans le Caucase russe de la Banque de Moscou (Bank Moskvy), en pleine tourmente politico-judiciaire, a fait l’objet lundi soir d’un vol de près de 5 millions d’euros à  Vladikavkaz (Ossétie du Nord), a indiqué mardi la police locale.

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  • La banque américaine d’investissements Morgan Stanley a été la victime d’attaques visant son système informatique. Il s’agirait du même pirate chinois qui avait attaqué le géant internet américain Google, il y a plus d’un an.

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  • Google has now confirmed that 58 malicious applications were uploaded to Android Market, and that they were downloaded onto around 260,000 devices before Google removed the apps Tuesday evening. That number sounds alarmingly high, but Google believes that only device-specific information, namely the phone's IMEI number, was compromised — and that no personal data or account information was ever transferred.

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  • With the final version of Basel III now public, banks are looking to prepare for implementation. Will current Basel II infrastructure be able to cope with the requirements or will banks have to introduce new technology to comply?

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  • « Before we had smart phones, if you lost your cell phone, people could get a hold of your I.C.E. numbers which are your in case of emergency numbers and most of use have our spouses, our kids and they could cause some real havoc. They could send e-mails to everybody. They could rack up your minutes, » said Chenee Arave, Best Buy mobile manager.  Today, that unethical person can destroy you, your social life and your finances.

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  • Le fabricant du BlackBerry va équiper les prochaines générations de ses terminaux mobiles, tablettes incluses, de la technologie de paiement sans contact.

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  • Up to 40 Commonwealth Bank Automatic Teller Machines are spewing cash across NSW just hours after suffering a computer error this morning.

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  • L'implantation systématique de la carte à  puce ne freinera pas la fraude sur les cartes de crédit et de débit au Canada.   «Pour le moment, on ne détecte pas l'impact de l'arrivée de la carte à  puce sur le marché, car les fraudeurs se concentrent encore celui des cartes magnétiques », précise Christian Emond, conseiller à  la division des crimes économiques et de propriété du service de police de la Ville de Montréal.

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