La finance islamique au Royaume-Uni

Parue sur le blog Finance Islamique France, une étude réalisée par Said Business School (University of Oxford) et Bank of London and The Middle East (BLME) auprès d’une soixantaine de répondants revient sur l’évolution des sukuks en 2009.

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L’analyse se concentre sur le marché du Royaume-Uni et sa conclusion montre qu’il est difficile, aujourd’hui, d’anticiper une tendance claire pour le marché des sukuks compte tenu, en particulier, de sa relative jeunesse et la position dominante du marché quasi-comparable des obligations.

Over the past two decades Islamic finance has shown a 10 – 15% year on year growth and is becoming an integral part of the financial industry. Although still mainly focussed on the Middle East and Asia, it is now expanding beyond these markets into Europe and the United States. Bank of London and The Middle East plc has commissioned an MBA project with Said Business School, Oxford University1 to identify the UK investor appetite for a European sukuk issue in terms of potential market size and preferred product characteristics. The report presented here contains an analysis of the data that has been gathered during the interview stage of 56 respondents who took part in the survey for this project in August 2009.

Retrouvez le rapport ici : European Sukuk Issue : A survey into characteritics and potentiel demand

Finance Islamique France

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