Retail Banking in Europe : The Way Forward

La diversité apportée par les banques de détail en Europe a été un facteur déterminant pour réduire l’impact de la crise bancaire ; Telle est la conclusion du dernier rapport de l’institut européen ESBG – European Savings Banks Group.

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Cette institutions a publié ce mois un rapport de 228 pages qui propose un panorama de la chaine de valeur apportée par les banques de détail que se soit lors de la crise financière ou lors d’autres projets comme par exemple MiFID, le financement des entreprises ou encore la lutte contre le blanchiment d’argent.

retail banking in EuropeEurope's savings banks and regionally oriented retail banks have always been critical towards a one-sided approach to integration: it neither internalised the stabilising impact of Europe's pluralistic banking landscape and its beneficial effects for competition, nor did it take sufficient account of the socioeconomic role of banks and the necessity of guaranteeing financial stability. The events of the last two years have clearly demonstrated that Europe needs a pluralistic banking sector as well as a circumspect and balanced approach by policy makers. For all these reasons the new direction in the integration debate appears promising and could ensure that the benefits of an integrated European financial market will be more equally distributed. Furthermore, there is reason to hope that integration will become not only fairer, but also safer.

It is evident that the European debate on retail banking integration is nearly as diverse, dynamic and multidimensional as the retail banking sector itself. Both bankers and policy makers are learning necessary lessons. By building on realistic foundations, Europe and its banks will move forward carefully, but also with confidence.

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