The world post the credit crisis

L’institut de recherche économique du Crédit Suisse propose de tirer une photographie du monde post-crise. Alors que les signaux de reprise se multiplient, ce rapport souhaite apporter une vision des forces en présence et leur capacité à  surmonter la crise.

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Avec le concours de personnalités de renom, comme l’ancien premier ministre du Royaume-Uni Sir John Major ou l’économiste Mexicain Dr. Ernesto Zedillo, cette recherche décompose le passé pour mieux comprendre qui seront les gagnants et les perdants de demain.

CS- the world post crisisFinancial shockwaves are still reverberating, but with the recovery in the global economy and financial markets increasingly
apparent, we feel it is important to redraw the map of what the world post the credit crisis might look like and the strategic challenges facing investors.

Though some of the imbalances underlying the credit crisis are ebbing, others persist and new ones are being created by policymakers' attempts to stimulate economies and markets. In particular, the crisis has reversed much of the last decade's growth in US consumer spending , leaving the expected rise of the emerging market consumer, and specifically
the Chinese, as a necessary condition for a stronger world economy.

This “big picture” research piece can cover only some of the many implications of the credit crisis, but we feel it does lay the basis for a deeper understanding of the changes we are already experiencing. We look forward to updating and broadening this fascinating theme in future reports.

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