Le sommet du G20 à  Pittsburgh

La régulation financière et la limitation possible des bonus ont constitué des thèmes du dernier G20 qui s’est déroulé les 24 et 25 septembre dernier à  Pittsburgh. Retrouvez ci-dessous le lien direct vers le communiqué final de cette rencontre.

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source : Pittsburgh summit Press Room

source : Pittsburgh summit Press Room

Today, we reviewed the progress we have made since the London Summit in April. Our national commitments to restore growth resulted in the largest and most coordinated fiscal and monetary stimulus ever undertaken. We acted together to increase dramatically the resources necessary to stop the crisis from spreading around the world. We took steps to fix the broken regulatory system and started to implement sweeping reforms to reduce the risk that financial excesses will again destabilize the global economy.

via Leaders’ Statement: The Pittsburgh Summit.

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