L'agence européenne de la sécurité s'inquiète de la recrudescence d'attaque sur les GAB (Bancomat)

L’agence européenne de sécurité ENISA a publié une mise en garde via sont site suite à  une hausse marquée des fraudes réalisées depuis les guichets automatiques en 2008.

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Source Flickr - Galerie de redspotted

Source Flickr - Galerie de redspotted

The number of ATMs in Europe increased 6% last year to almost 400,000, with many now found in remote site locations such as convenience stores, airports and petrol stations. Seventy-two percent of European ATMs are located in just five countries: UK, Spain, Germany, France and Italy.

Cash taken illegally from ATMs is still the preferred method for criminals who obtain pin numbers using a wide range of techniques from ‘shoulder surfing' to complex skimming techniques. This can involve the usage of a small spy camera, a false PIN overlay and even fake machines; while increasingly Blue Tooth wireless technology is used to transmit card and PIN details to a nearby laptop computer. During 2008 alone, a total of 10,302 skimming incidents were reported in Europe.

Other methods used to extract money include trapping and then retrieving users' cards, stopping withdrawals in the middle of a transaction only to complete them when the victim has left and even trapping cash in the machine. Organised criminal gangs are also using sophisticated phishing techniques and hacking into bank computer systems and web sites to obtain PIN and account information.

via ENISA warns of alarming increase in ATM crime.

Dans ce domaine, YouTube propose des montages pour le moins éducatifs comme le montre cette vidéo :


Restons donc vigilant!

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