Frontiers in finance

KPMG publie régulièrement des analyses pour le monde de la banque et de la finance. Entre gestion des risques et évolutions réglementaires, cette analyse revient sur les défis que la crise nous obligera à  surmonter.

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Frontiers in finance

front KPMG frontiers in financeObtaining finance is increasingly difficult, cost pressure is increasingly high, and business partner risks increasingly evident. In the current market environment, many companies are finding strategic realignment necessary. However, a company can also face danger posed by its own employees: the likelihood of fraud being committed or ongoing fraudulent activity coming to light is significantly higher during a recession. With grave consequences.

Management faces greater challenges in periods of crisis than in calmer times. Tasks that are ordinarily of great importance grow in prominence and need to be approached carefully and with an eye to sustainability. Otherwise the company could face serious problems. In order to survive the crisis and perhaps even emerge in a stronger position, finance and strategy require consideration of the following points:

  • Reliable cash flow forecasts and professional working capital management are especially important
  • Financing targets can only be achieved with stringent negotiation strategies
  • Systematic improvement in costs increases competitiveness
  • Cost reduction programs must be identified from the perspective of a financial investor
  • Transfer pricing systems can limit liquidity in a financial crisis
  • Coordinated system concepts enhance efficiency and predictive power
  • Planning tools make the early identification of financial risks possible

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