La Grande-Bretagne réformera son système financier

Après les Etats-Unis, la Grande-Bretagne prévoit également de réformer son système financier. Le 8 juillet dernier, Alistair Darling a ainsi présenté son plan de réforme devant le Parlement.

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Comme pour le plan américain Financial Regulatory Reform: A New Foundation , il entend améliorer la protection des dépositaires, renforcer les pouvoirs de la FSA et créer un conseil dédié à  la stabilité financière.

Le Trésor britannique a donc émis à  cette occasion un livre blanc de 176 pages présentant son plan de réforme

front reforming financial markets UK Treasury

These failures of commercial judgement brought the world's financial system to its knees in October 2008.

As a result, the Government had to intervene in unprecedented ways to protect depositors in UK banks and building societies, to enable banks to continue to lend to the UK economy during the recession, and to restore financial stability. At Budget 2009, the Treasury estimated that the cost of Government action could eventually be as high as £50bn. But the costs of Government inaction would have been far higher, as a modern economy cannot function without a stable banking system.

The way firms manage risk, the quality and quantity of capital they hold, and the way regulators monitor firms need to change. The Government will build on reforms already implemented to improve the way banks are managed and regulated in the UK, to ensure that banks and financial markets will be more resilient to any global shocks that may in future threaten our financial system.
The Government is advocating similar changes across the world, in discussion with the EU, the G20 and international partners. Reform of how banks operate globally, and improving how regulators across the world work together, will be key to preventing global financial crises from recurring in the future.

This document sets out the Government's analysis of the causes of the financial crisis, the action already taken to restore financial stability and the regulatory reforms necessary to strengthen the financial system for the future, so that consumers, businesses of all sectors and the economy as a whole continue to have access to the stable credit that is so essential to building Britain's future through growth, investment and innovation.

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