Le plan de réforme du système financier américain

En juin dernier, le Trésor américain a publié un livre blanc intitulé Financial Regulatory Reform: A New Foundation.

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Au travers de ce document de 85 pages, l’administration Obama propose une série de réformes qui ont pour objectifs d’améliorer l’environnement réglementaire de la finance, de mieux protéger « les consommateurs » et d’optimiser la stabilité du système financier.

regreformreportOver the past two years we have faced the most severe financial crisis since the Great Depression. Americans across the nation are struggling with unemployment, failing businesses, falling home prices, and declining savings. These challenges have forced the government to take extraordinary measures to revive our financial system so that people can access loans to buy a car or home, pay for a child’s education, or finance a business.

We must act now to restore confidence in the integrity of our financial system. The lasting economic damage to ordinary families and businesses is a constant reminder of the urgent need to act to reform our financial regulatory system and put our economy on track to a sustainable recovery. We must build a new foundation for financial regulation and supervision that is simpler and more effectively enforced, that protects consumers and investors, that rewards innovation and that is able to adapt and evolve with changes in the financial market.

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A noter que, Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton, un cabinets de droit international, a publié une synthèse de 6 pages qui revient sur les messages essentiels de cette réforme

The purpose of this note is not to add to the pile of summaries describing the Administration's proposal. Instead, we have identified below those elements of the proposal that we believe may have the greatest consequences for market participants and have highlighted the issues we expect to be the most important in the policy and political debate that has already begun on Capitol Hill.

Understanding these issues is important not only to evaluate and plan for potential changes in law, but also to anticipate the critical areas where supervisory and regulatory standards and industry practices may change in response to the Administration's proposal.

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