World Retail Banking Report 2009

Cap Gemini, l’association EFMA – European financial management & marketing association – et, pour la première fois, Unicredit publient leur rapport sur la banque de détail dans le monde.

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World Retail Banking Report 2009The geographic scope of this year's edition covers 26 countries, including one new country, Russia. The number of retail banks it covers rose from 194 to 203.

We continue our investigations into the worldwide pricing of day-to-day banking products and services, presenting our findings in a yearly pricing index. (Our website,, also provides a dashboard of each country's national banking industry.) To integrate retail banking's market evolution and the increasing role the Internet plays in operations, we have introduced four new Internet products and services and developed two new usage profiles, branch user and Internet user. These profiles helped us analyse the impact the Internet is now having on customers' consumption patterns and retail banks' pricing strategies.

Our spotlight section this year focuses on mortgage profitability. We have analysed the impact the current financial and real estate crises are having on retail banks' business models, and how—confronted with this change to their usual environment—retail banks can address this new market situation. Our analysis is based on three different investigations: a market survey, qualitative bank interviews, and an in-depth profitability analysis. The results highlight several major future challenges retail banks will face in the mortgage sector, and outline some key solutions banks will need to succeed.

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World Retail Banking Report 2009

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