The Banker Awards 2008 – Et la meilleure banque est …

C’est BNP Paribas qui monte sur la plus haute marche du Banker Awards 2008.

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The criteria for the assessment of the Bank of the Year Awards for the 148 countries and the regions is built around detailed questionnaires provided by banks, and this year 740 banks from 150 countries submitted questionnaires to our editorial team. Awards were not given in Afghanistan and Iceland. Our global judging team reflects not only on the latest results, growth rates and performance data over the period contained in the questionnaires but also analyses of all available material examining technology, acquisitions and key strategic developments.

The Banker Awards 2008 – The Banker.

Global Awards – Winners
Global Bank of the Year BNP Paribas
Western Europe BNP Paribas
Central & Eastern Europe

Raiffeisen International

Veilleur et spécialiste en cybersécurité