Mise à  jour de la méthodologie du GAFI pour l'évaluation de la conformité avec ses recommandations

Le GAFI a publié une mise à  jour de la méthodologie d’évaluation de la conformité avec ses 40 recommandations et ses 9 recommandations spéciales.

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Mes modifications apportées concernent les points suivants (clic dessus) :

Lien ici: Methodology for Assessing Compliance with the FATF 40 Recommendations and the FATF 9 Special Recommendations.

The AML/CFT Methodology 2004, including the assessment criteria, is designed to guide the assessment of a country's compliance with the international AML/CFT standards as contained in the FATF Forty Recommendations and the FATF Nine Special Recommendations on Terrorist Financing. The criteria within this Methodology do not expand upon or modify the Forty Recommendations and Nine Special Recommendations, which constitute the international standard. The Methodology is a key tool to assist assessors when they are preparing AML/CFT detailed assessment reports/mutual evaluation reports. It assists in identifying the systems and mechanisms developed by countries with diverse legal, regulatory and financial frameworks, in order to implement robust AML/CFT systems. The Methodology is also useful for countries that are reviewing their own systems, including in relation to technical assistance projects.

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