Baromètre 2008 de l'Association suisse des banquiers

A l’occasion de la Journée des banquiers suisses à  Berne, l’Association suisse des banquiers (ASB) a publié son baromètre 2008 présentant les tendances économiques de l’industrie bancaire suisse.

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Cette analyse montre en particulier que les bénéfices ont reculé de 3,1% à  70,7 milliards de francs et les actifs sous gestion ont diminué sous la barre des 5000 milliards de francs.

L’étude est disponible en anglais ici et en allemand ici.

Despite the robust economic situation, the credit and financial crisis in the USA also left its mark on the earnings of the banks in Switzerland. The poor conditions on the international financial markets already weighed heavily on trading business profits in the second half of 2007. Consequently the banks' overall earnings in 2007 fell by 3.1%, although the trend in commission business continued to be gratifying. Despite the turbulence in the financial world the banks in Switzerland recruited significantly more staff in 2007 (+4.4%). At the beginning of 2008 the general economic conditions deteriorated markedly for the banks, which led to a negative trend in both earnings and assets under management. Employment growth also slowed down in the process: according to a survey conducted by the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA), staff levels still increased by 1.2% in the first half of 2008. It is possible that staff levels will grow by about 1% in 2008 as a whole, whereas a decrease tends to be expected for bank earnings and assets under management.

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