Rapport 2007 de l'agence européenne pour la sécurité ENISA

L’agence Européenne pour la sécurité ENISApour European Network and Information Security Agency – a publié son rapport 2007.

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2007 posed considerable challenges for Europe with regard to network and information security (NIS). In particular, the cyber attack on Estonia in June generated public and media attention, but several other countries, including Sweden, France and Germany, also suffered major NIS incidents which were widely publicised. The attention which these NIS attacks have attracted has pushed NIS up on the political agenda. ENISA's mission and operations, facilitating co-operation and offering support and advice to the European Union (EU) Member States in their efforts to build protective fences and to implement countermeasures, have become more widely recognised.

Le rapport est accessible ici : ENISA General Report 2007 – a brief summary of the Agency's operations, studies and reports.

source de l’image : rapport ENISA 2007

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